Art of Mon with Liane Armstrong - DAMDAM

Art of Mon with Liane Armstrong

A mon or kamon refers to a Japanese emblem used to identify an individual, family, or enterprise. Most mons depict natural or celestial objects, geometric figures, or kanji and often applied as patterns on fabric for kimonos, flags, or other objects.

Here, artist Liane Armstrong creates a mon for DAMDAM (something you'll start seeing more of in our upcoming products!) as she shares her favorite feel-good rituals.


ここに、アーティストのLiane Armstrongのお気に入りの心地よい習慣と共に、DAMDAMのために作った紋をご紹介します。(今後、私たちの製品で目にすることがあると思います!)

"The image is based on a water lily, which I saw was used a few times for DAMDAM's branding. The loose idea is that the water lily is part submerged, hence the ripple effect on the stems. I felt plants and water were the perfect signature for the brand. It’s hand painted so it’s not symmetrical, and I decided not to ‘smarten it up’, but rather keep the uneven edges to look less computer generated, and more in tune with nature’s lines."


"I've been using my DAMDAM products and I really love them. The face mist smells amazing and the oil sits really nicely on my skin. I'm quite fussy and minimal with my beauty products and I really love these!"


—  List of what is on your bedside table
Silk eye mask, PAWPAW balm, Japanese incense, lavender bag




—  Favourite self care ritual
I really put my self-care first and will do things throughout the day to stay on top of it.
I love a hot bath with either salts or coconut oil, burning incense, meditation, yoga, face massage, wild swimming and walking in nature with my dog, Twig.
I use my essential oils every day without fail and if I'm feeling particularly stressed, I'll run to release endorphins.






—  Favourite artists
I recently watched Dancing at Dusk by Pina Bausch Foundation and Ecole des Sables. It really moved me, the dance company managed to film their final run through on a beach in Senegal before parting ways after their tour was cancelled due to Covid. I felt it was really fitting and an amazing response to what's happening in the world now.
I also love the works of calligrapher Kazuaki Tanahashi, the gardens created by Piet Oudolf and the Sculptor Ruth Asawa.



私は最近、ピナ・バウシュ財団とエコール・デ・サーブルの「春の作品」見ました。 それは本当に私を感動させました、ツアーがコロナウイルスのためにキャンセルされ、ダンサー達と会うことのできる最後の日にセネガルのビーチでなんとか撮影することができた作品です。 私はそれが、本当に世界で起こっているということに驚きを感じました。書家の棚橋一晃氏の作品、ピエト・オードルフ氏の庭園と彫刻家のルース・アサワ氏も大好きです。