Quarantine Diaries - DAMDAM

Quarantine Diaries

We asked friends of DAMDAM to document their days in quarantine for our Instagram series "At Home With." Here, a few of our favorites.

Instagramの”At Home With”シリーズで、DAMDAMをご愛用してくださっている、素敵な皆さまをご紹介しています。ここに、皆さまのお気に入りの過ごし方を、いくつかご紹介いたします。

“Lighting incense in the morning with my coffee, embroidering underwear for my line, working out, daily bath where I usually do the DAMDAM mud mask once a week, lots and lots of reading outside on my porch.” @emlabowe

「朝のコーヒーを飲みながらお香を焚く、アンダーウェアに刺繍をする、ワークアウト、週1回DAMDAMのマスクをしながらお風呂に入る、ポーチに出てたくさん読書をする」 @emlabowe

“Guitar playing, songwriting, painting, 15-minute workouts, face masks like my DAMDAM mud mask is everything! I’m eating well so that I can keep my immune system strong.” @katyokane


“Since we've been quarantined, I've picked up sewing! Just before we went into isolation, I bought a sewing machine and some vintage fabrics. It keeps me focused during these strange times. I also learned how to make sourdough bread from scratch. Being inside allows you to take some steps back and do things more slowly. There's no expectation from the outside world. It can feel liberating." @laynaisle



“I feel so grateful to be quarantined in a space where I have access to nature. Lately, I’ve been really taking advantage of our backyard, reviving our garden, doing some virtual yoga and eating outside whenever its sunny. But sometimes self-care is also wearing a face mask and watching a good old movie.” @cocomcdermott


“My DAMDAM mask which makes my skin so glowy! Witch hazel to close pores & Shiva Rose Beauty Rose Oil to hydrate.” @cocomcdermott

「DAMDAMのマスクはわたしの肌を輝かせてくれます!毛穴を引き締めるWitch hazelと潤いを与えるShiva Rose Beauty Rose Oilと一緒に使います。」@cocomcdermott

“I have a few self-care rituals. I first meditate when I wake up, Vedic or Kundalini. Then I light some incense, make some tea or coffee. Play music for my plants :) Read some of my book and journal.” @karinafontes


“My favorite beauty products are DAMDAM Skin Mud Power Mask and the Magic Drops Oil Serum. In the las couple days I’ve been carrying the toner (DAMDAM Paradisi Mist) around because it’s been so hot!” @karinafontes


“Taking morning walks with my husband and doing DAMDAM Skin Mud Power Mask.” @ricolohita


“I keep myself from negative thoughts by doing relaxing activities like drawing, crochet, watching comedies , playing positive music and cooking favorite meals. I love the mud mask by DAMDAM and I do it 1-2 times a week. While I wait for it it dry, I usually have tea or coffee.” @thecashmeremuse

「絵を描く、かぎ針編み、コメディを見る、前向きな音楽を流す、好きな食事を作る、などのリラックスできる行動をすることで、ネガティブな考えから身を守っています。 DAMDAMのマスクが大好きで、週に1〜2回行います。 乾くのを待つ間、たいていお茶かコーヒーを飲みます。」@thecashmeremuse

“My favorite self-care ritual right now is kind of checking in with myself every day. Normally I’m very routine-based but now I listen to what I want every day, so it changes from wanting to run one day to baking the next as long as I’m always doing something!” @alfredbramsen


“Love the products especially the Nomad’s Cream Purifying Cleanser. Big fan! The smell of Magic Drops is so good.” @alfredbramsen