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Flame by Hiro Arakawa

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Flame by Hiro Arakawa

Fire has always held mystical meaning to man. Since ancient man discovered fire, it has been a beacon to all civilizations, its flames a life-giving source of light and heat. Fire symbolizes will and passion, an activating force of energy. 

In an old ceramic kiln in Kyoto, high wooden beams and unfinished pottery frame photographer Hiroyuki Arakawa's images of dancing flames, stark in its monochromatic depiction. 

"I use fire as a creative medium and my philosophical concept for this series. I captured a strong turbulent movement in the flames... intense vitality and angry rushes of fiery bright power," says Hiro.

The photographs resonated on a personal level, an homage to the element that is our life source. Fire can be intense and uncomfortable at times yet necessary in the protection of life and health. Lending its immense vitality to manifest creation on the physical plane, fire is the activating agent that transforms clay to sculpture. In this series, the flame itself has become art, its ephemera so beautifully captured on film. 

火はいつも人にとって神秘的な意味を持ってきました。 古代人が火を発見して以来、それはすべての文明の象徴であり、炎は生命の贈り物、光と熱の源です。 火は情熱、エネルギーの活性を象徴しています。

京都の古い陶磁器の窯で、高い木の梁と未完成の陶器に囲まれ、写真家・荒川 弘之の躍り火の写真は、その単色の描写が際立っています。



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