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DAMDAM x Warosoku Daiyo


For the Rice Bran Block Candle, we collaborated with artisans of Warosoku Daiyo, a family-owned business based in Shiga prefecture who trace their Japanese traditional candle-making heritage back to 1914. The Rice Bran Block Candle is imprinted with a lotus mon designed by artist Liane Armstrong for DAMDAM. In Buddhism and Japanese culture, the lotus flower is a symbol of purity and enlightenment, revered for its ability to bloom into a beautiful flower from muddy, murky waters. 

This is a plant-based candle made purely from Japanese rice bran. Rice bran wax, a byproduct of the rice milling process, lasts longer with a more stable and brighter flame, making it a good companion to hot baths, intimate dinners, and cozy winter evenings. Vegan, fragrance-free, with no artificial color added, the Rice Bran Block Candle burns cleanly with little to no dripping wax or soot, a gentler and kinder alternative to paraffin.

Light this candle to amplify intentions or bring mindfulness to a moment. In prayer, in conversation, in self-reflection, the candle subtly changes its expression in response, with feather-like gentleness and ethereal warmth. The flame emanates an emotion not possible with electric lights in our daily lives. Warosoku Daiyo candles contemplate the innate power of a flame, and how we humans are connected to it. Made of the highest quality, it passes down the relationship between flame and humans that has been in existence for generations.

BURN TIME: 48 hours

 SIZE: 65mm (D) x 100mm (H)