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DAMDAM x Gyokusyodou

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Meli Melo

Since 6th century Japan, the ancient ritual of burning incense has been used in ceremony, spirituality, and meditation. This simple practice has been done for millennia, purifying spaces and reconnecting us to our higher selves. At Gyokusyodou, artisans have been crafting incense for more than two hundred years. Sticks are made from dried and powdered bark of the Lauraceae tree, Machilus thunbergii. Fragrant Chinese herbal medicines and essences are added to the mix, forming a thick paste of incense base which is then pressed into fine lines of raw incense.

We collaborated with Gyokusyodou for our own custom blend of incense. Sticks are thicker in diameter than usual to give a steady, even burn. Lovingly housed inside a paper-fine wooden box, these scents are specially chosen to stimulate olfactory pleasures and get you in the right headspace.

SANDALWOOD (30 pieces/1 box) For calming the mind. A deep, woody, complex scent that is a mix of floral and balsamic notes. Light this incense to melt anxiety away. Accompanies baths, a cup of tea, a book in bed, or simply when you want to have mental clarity and peace at the end of a busy day.

CONIFER (33 pieces/1 box) For grounding the senses. A woody blend equal parts smoky and citrusy. Connects you to the earth with its smell of leaves, wood, and stone. Like the ancient practice of shinrin-yoku, or forest bathing, soak up the healing power of nature as the scent takes you on a walk among the trees. Trees help us slow down, breathe, and develop a greater sense of gratitude and presence in the moment. Accompanies yoga, meditation, or moments of solitude.

CINNAMON (33 pieces/1 box) For energy. A spicy sweet scent, cinnamon raises creative vibrations, enhances focus and concentration. A symbol for abundance and fertility, it brings new energy to new beginnings, allowing a fresh flow of inspiration, vitality, and chi. Accompanies the change of seasons, new projects, and anytime you or your space needs protection and invigoration.

MELI MELO (30 pieces/1 box) For change. The French word for mix, méli-mélo. Contains all 3 scents in 1 box - sandalwood, conifer, and cinnamon to cover different touchstones through changing days and moods.

OSMANTHUS (33 pieces/1 box) For lifting the mood. Our newest scent, osmanthus has been used in folk medicine for thousands of years. Part of the jasmine and lilac family, it has a smoky floral scent reminiscent of peaches and apricots. In clinical research, osmanthus has been shown to reduce feelings of stress when inhaled. It has a calming and relaxing effect on emotions so when you are encountering major setbacks, its aroma will lift your mood.

 SIZE: 60mm (L) x 3mm (D)