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Hydrating Essence

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A hybrid formula between a hydrating essence and setting spray, this provides extra care for reduced dullness, plump skin, and dewy glow. In a miniature size, introduce this to your ritual if you want the extra care to restore and correct dull skin. Beneficial for all skin types, especially dry or dehydrated skin.

BENEFITS A transformative step that replenishes moisture to improve both short and long-term condition. Applies as a mist, it settles as a hydrating essence upon skin contact. 

HERITAGE INGREDIENT A naturally occurring AHA in Japanese rice is phytic acid, a powerful antioxidant and a key ingredient inside Paradisi Mist Hydrating Essence. It boosts elasticity, shrinks pores, and evens skin tone. Formulated with a rejuvenating cardamom scent to lift the mood and mind.

RITUAL Shake mist gently. Hold at 10-12 inches from face and spritz 2-4 times. Use after cleansing to hydrate and calm skin, or use as a setting spray after applying make-up. Can be sprayed on a cotton pad or sponge for finishing glow. Can be used multiple times daily to rejuvenate make-up and/or skin, especially during dry seasons when skin needs extra hydration.

Size: 30ml