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Power Mask



This 5-minute mask is made of white kaolin, a powerful natural mineral for detoxification and eradication of impurities. Use this vitamin-rich treatment for an improvement of the skin’s overall appearance giving an instantly lifted and illuminated complexion. A potent formula gentle on various skin types with immediate visible results. 

BENEFITS Skin Mud Power Mask is a detoxifying formula, an important step for the skin’s renewal. It gives a deep cleanse by removing dead skin cells and pulling out impurities and excess oil which clog up pores. With a blend of powerful botanicals, this is a formula that helps skin renewal, letting it cope with pollution, aging, and chronic skin conditions. 

HERITAGE INGREDIENT Kaolin is a natural mineral used in porcelain-making. The phrase “porcelain skin” refers to flawless, unblemished, evenly-toned skin, the same result achieved with regular use of Skin Mud Power Mask. With kaolin as the core ingredient, it is formulated with with other well-loved ingredients. Vitamin C clears away dead skin cells to reveal new skin beneath. Coconut oil provides hydration while the scent of frankincense permeates the air to soothe the senses as you keep the mask on. 

RITUAL Apply a dime-sized amount and spread evenly across dry, clean skin. Leave on for 5 minutes or until clay is dry, then rinse thoroughly. Pat skin dry and follow with our essence or oil serum. Use 1-3 times a week.