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Trunk Incense Holder
DAMDAM x Timber Crew Products

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¥15,000 ¥16,500


Since 6th century Japan, the ancient ritual of burning incense has been used in ceremony, spirituality, and meditation. This simple practice has been done for millennia, purifying spaces and reconnecting us to our higher selves. This sculptural incense holder is specially made for DAMDAM by Timber Crew Products.

Crafted out of Isunoki, an evergreen that grows in Japan's Kanto region, it is one of the hardest and heaviest trees in Japan. Believed to bring luck and longevity, swords were historically carved from this wood.

In its present incarnation as an incense holder, a wedge of Isunoki trunk is bonded with resin to capture fallen ashes. The translucence allows the wood's natural silhouette to be on show, a beautiful remembrance of its former life as a tree.

DIMENSIONS: Approximately8~9 cm (W) x 7~10 cm (H)×9~10 cm(D)