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At Home with Anabella Anger

Name: Anabella Anger
Horoscope: Aquarius
— On my bedside table
 Books i am currently reading
Rocks, shells and crystals from my travels
Usually a cup of hojicha, chai or coffee - depends on the time of day
In my drawer i have some of my favorite oils. Right now I am using tea tree, baobab and sesame oil and the Magic Drops.
— Favorite self-care ritual
I have several self-care rituals - it just depends on the day and how I feel in the present moment. I adore physical activities of all sorts. Some days I’ll practice yoga, others I'll play racquetball. But ultimately creating is what puts my mind at ease. Lately, I have been exploring textured mediums for my paper mache projects.
— Favorite home recipe at the moment
Forever and always pasteles, which is a Puerto Rican dish made from pumpkin, green bananas , malanga and some other roots filled with vegetables of choice and wrapped in a banana leaf from the yard.
— Book recommendations
Ooo I completed Cosmos, The Power of Now, and Blackberry Winter recently - lovely books to read.
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