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At Home with Coco McDermott

— Name
Colette (Coco) McDermott
— Horoscope

— Self-isolation routine

I feel so grateful to be quarantined in a space where I have access to nature. Lately, I’ve been really taking advantage of our backyard, reviving our garden, doing some virtual yoga and eating outside whenever its sunny. But sometimes self-care is also wearing a face mask and watching a good old movie.

— お家時間の過ごし方


 — On my bedside table

My bedside is always overflowing with books. Right now I’m reading ‘Wild’ by Cheryl Strayed which has felt particularly relevant given her isolation during her journey hiking the PCT. It is such a beautiful portrait a woman facing her fears and has certainly inspired me to plan a similar adventure.

—  ベットサイドテーブルに置いてあるもの

わたしのベットサイドテーブルは、いつも本でいっぱいです。いま読んでいる本は、Cheryl Strayed著の‘Wild’です。彼女が旅の間に感じた孤独感を特に感じました。それは恐れに直面している女性の美しいポートレートのようであり、わたしにこのような冒険がしたいと思わせました。

—  Favorite products

My DAMDAM mask which makes my skin so glowy! Witch hazel to close pores & Shiva Rose Beauty Rose Oil to hydrate.

— お気に入りのもの

DAMDAMのマスクはわたしの肌を輝かせてくれます!毛穴を引き締めるwitch hazelと潤いを与えるShiva Rose Beauty Rose Oil

—  Favorite recipes

My favorite recipes tend to be the simplest. Its a great time in California for fresh produce, so I’ve been making lots of big salads and bowls of roasted veggies. I’ve also been making more hearty comfort things like soups and curries. 

—  お気に入りのレシピ


— Movie recommendation

'Mustang'! One of the most beautiful movies. Directed by Deniz Gamze Ergüven. It’s kind of like a Turkish ‘Virgin Suicides.’

—  おすすめの映画

“Mustang”は最も美しい映画のひとつです!Deniz Gamze Ergüvenによって制作され、まるでトルコの‘Virgin suicides"のような話です。


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