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At Home with Layna Vancauteren

— Name
Layna Isle Vancauteren
— Horoscope

— Self-isolation routine

Since we've been quarantined, I've picked up sewing! Just before we went into isolation, I bought a sewing machine and some vintage fabrics. It keeps me focused during these strange times. I also learned how to make sourdough bread from scratch. Being inside allows you to take some steps back and do things more slowly. There's no expectation from the outside world. It can feel liberating. Also, wearing nothing but my Babaa knitwear sets.

—  お家時間の過ごし方


— Self-care products

I have very difficult skin and it's been an ongoing struggle trying to find products that my skin tolerates. I've tried so many different ones! But I'm happy with my selection at the moment. Growing older is helping me accept that beauty lies in the imperfection.

— セルフケアアイテム


— Favorite home recipe

My take on a Korean bibimbap. I start with rice, add some homemade kimchi and chopped up radicchio. Then I fry some julienned carrots, nappa cabbage and spring onion in sesame oil. To top it off, I add a fried egg, halloumi and some homemade gochujang sauce.

— お気に入りのレシピ


— Book and movie recommendation:

Anything by Jane Campion. I just finished watching 'An Angel At My Table', based on the life of writer Janet Frame. I highly recommend!

— おすすめの本や映画

作家のJanet Frameの人生を題材にした Angel At My Tableをちょうど見終わったところですが、とてもおすすめです!




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