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Registered as a UNESCO intangible cultural heritage, Washi is traditional Japanese paper that uses local fiber like thinned timber and abaca, which are sustainable resources. It is processed by hand and made in the traditional manner. It is the most durable type of paper in the world with many uses including building shoji screens because of its effective humidity control and oil and water absorption. 

ユネスコ無形文化遺産に登録されている和紙は、持続可能な資源である間伐材やアバカなどの日本の繊維を使用した伝統的な紙です。 和紙は伝統的な方法を使い、人の手で作られています。 吸湿性や吸油性・吸水性により、障子をはじめ多くの用途で使われている、世界で最も耐久性の高い紙です。

Kamito is a sustainable fabric whose main raw material is washi paper, manufactured according to the ancient Japanese method. It is made from narrow slits of washi, twisted to create delicate yarns, woven and knitted together to become what will be Kamito. All stages of this difficult process are the result of meticulous Japanese craftsmanship.


Because of its anti-bacterial deodorant property and low thermal conductivity, this naturally derived fabric is highly functional. It prevents unpleasant odors, absorbs twice as much water as cotton, and is quick-drying so the body feels comfortable even after sweating. It is lint-free and ultra-lightweight, making it extremely gentle on the skin and easy to wash.

不快な臭いを防ぎ、綿の2倍の水分を吸収し、速乾性があるので発汗後も快適です。 糸くずの出ない超軽量で、肌にやさしく、洗いやすくなっています。


Kamito shares our mission at DAMDAM to preserve culture through collaborations with artisans that have inherited ancient Japanese craft and technique. To this end, we are working together on a capsule collection of washi towels to complement our skincare - watch this space.


Photographed by Marta Rubio

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