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Takemura Yoshinori

We collaborated with potter Takemura Yoshinori on a capsule collection of incense holders after falling in love with his work. Like us, he loves the smell of natural incense and frequently uses them while working. We paid him a visit at his atelier in Chiba to learn more about his practice.


Yoshinori-san started pottery as a hobby in university. His practice is based on traditional Japanese techniques; a touch of irreverence is added through his light-hearted use of color. He has always been fascinated with how different pigments react organically with each other, continually studying how to mix them in his work.


For our capsule collection, Yoshinori-san created incense holders wider than typical so that we can also fit coil and cone incense, smudge sticks, matchboxes or let it act as a catch-all for well-loved delicate objects. 


Our color story is based on the idea of duality, that contrary forces are often intertwined in the natural world. Everything that surrounds us is made up of two opposite forces that harmoniously unify and connect to create movement and change.   


You can view our first collection here.

Photographed by Marta Rubio
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