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Cue Woodworks

Imada-san is a wood craftsman living in Amami Islands, Japan. He makes unique sculptural objects by hand, using local wood as his material. The wood he uses are taken from trees that have either fallen from a storm or left on the roadside to be discarded. With his craft, Imada-san breathes new life into fallen trees.


During particularly stormy weather, some trees fall and are abandones as waste. "The trees growing along the road in Amami were to be discarded or buried in the soil, so I thought it was wasteful. I started thinking that I wanted to leave it in shape to give it new life."

特に荒天時には、木が倒れ、廃棄物として放棄されます。 「奄美の道路沿いに生えている木々は捨てるか土に埋めるかだったので、もったいないと思っていました。形を残して新しい命を吹き込みたいと思い始めました。」

“I use various trees that I can get. I want you to understand and be attached to the individuality of the natural tree. I create objects using materials that return to the earth even after it has been used for a long time.”

「入手できるさまざまな木を使用しています。 自然の木の個性を知り、愛着を持ってほしい。 長く使っても地球に還る素材を使って作品を作ります。」


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