Soy Candle

4.4 out of stars

¥4,400 JPY

This soy wax candle transports you deep into the forests of Japan. Grounded in the calm woodsy scent of the Hiba cypress, this candle burns free of the thick black soot emitted from traditional wax.

180 g

What it is

Like the deep cypress forests of Japan. Light and escape to our happy place.

Light this candle and let it transport you deep into a forest of Japanese cypress, creating space for a calmer mind, softened heart, and released tension.

This candle is made from soy wax and our own blend of natural oils with the grounding, woodsy fragrance of the Hiba tree at its center. Considered one of the most beautiful trees native to Japan, the Hiba cypress is particularly revered for its resilience — instrumental to the building of sacred monuments for centuries.

Soy wax is gentler on humans, a natural and better alternative to parrifin. It burns slower and more evenly, lasts longer, and emits almost no black soot — naturally enhancing the scent of Hiba for a well-balanced, true-to-scent experience.


4.4 out of stars