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Mochi Hada Skin

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Mochi Hada Skin

There's a name for plumped-up, velvety-smooth skin: mochi hada. It means rice-cake skin, a reference to the Japanese confectionery that are soft and plump. 

To achieve this, a combination of thorough cleansing and intense hydration is important.

This ritual is a blend of two of our most loved products: the refreshing Paradisi Mist Hydrating Essence and deeply soothing Magic Drops Balancing Oil Serum.

Go in with whatever your skin is actively needing most on the day.

ふっくらとしたビロードのようななめらかな肌は、もち肌と呼ばれます。 やわらかく、弾力のある日本のお餅のような肌を意味します。




Feeling sensitive, irritated, or dehydrated? On clean skin, mist generously with Paradisi Mist Hydrating Essence.

Feeling congested, imbalanced, or noticing more prominent lines today? Spritz on a cotton pad or infuse a steam towel with the Essence to help skin absorb the product better. Breathe in deeply, the scent of spicy cardamom will gently lift your mood.

敏感、すっきりしない、または乾燥を感じていませんか? 清潔な肌に、パラディシミストハイドレーティングエッセンスをたっぷりと吹きかけます。

今日の肌はどんな状態ですか?コットンを使ったり、スチームタオルをしてからエッセンスを肌にのせ、いつも以上に潤いを届けましょう。そして、 深く息を吸うと、スパイシーなカルダモンの香りがやさしく気分を盛り上げます。

For maximum efficacy, massage a few drops of Magic Drops Balancing Oil Serum immediately after the Essence to create multi-layered hydration. Continue to massage for at least a minute to activate your skin's chi.


Breathe, breathe, breathe, massaging all the way down the neck, throat, and chest so everything flows beautifully. 



Photographed by Felix Ruiz Diez

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