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Curated Box Set

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Danish illustrator Alfred Bramsed's Curated Box Set features hand-painted wooden boxes that include his favorite skincare products for you to discover, to gift, or to keep. 

INSIDE: Silk Rice Cleansing Oil (100ml) An effective makeup remover gentle on skin and eyes. Inspired by the Japanese ritual of purifying skin with water left over from washing rice, this rice-based cleanser softens skin while melting away makeup without irritating the delicate parts of the face, including around eyes.

Mochi Mochi Luminous Cream (50g) A hydrating moisturizer using Japanese Shiso leaves which contain powerful antioxidants to create skin like mochi – soft, plump, with a matte satin finish. Mochi Mochi Luminous Face Cream has a rich yet easily absorbed formula that doesn’t clog pores. Its minty scent comes from plant actives which defend skin from free radical damage, prevent reactivity, soothe sensitivities, and improve skin texture for a softly illuminated complexion.

Skin Mud Pure Mask (70g) Consider this your 5-minute facial: a problem-solving transformative mask formulated to rescue thin, worn-out complexions. Kaolin detoxifies skin, while vitamin C brightens and coconut oil nourishes.

Snow Mushroom Salt Cleanser + Cloud Glove. This is a zero-waste cleansing disc combining deeply hydrating Snow Mushroom and detoxifying salt. Use in tandem with the innovative plant-based Cloud Glove, this will lather in no time with the smallest amount of water.