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DAMDAM x Craig Anczelowitz

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DAMDAM collaborated with New York artist Craig Anczelowitz and Japanese paper-maker Awagami Factory on a series of hand-collaged vintage Washi trays. In 2 sizes, it is the perfect resting place for keepsakes and favorite objects, leaving the rest of your space uncluttered. We love it by the bedside or atop a dresser, displaying favorite skincare oils and ritual accessories. 

Made of acacia wood, every tray has been individually collaged from a curated mix of 19th century calligraphy pages along with indigo aizome & gold leaf Washi papers, making each piece unique with handmade nuances. "The trays are a reflection of my personal 'East-meets West' sensibilities; recalling the ancient beauty of Japanese writing culture like calligraphy, sumi, washi, as well as the contemporary art and design traditions of the West," says the artist.


MEDIUM: approx. 20cm x 13cm x 1cm

SMALL: approx. 17.5cm x 9cm x 1cm