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DAMDAM x Timber Crew Products

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¥50,000 ¥55,000


Bath stools are used as a perch to sit and relax in as you wash before entering a soaking tub in a Japanese bathhouse.

Recreate the Japanese bathing experience with our Hinoki Bath Stool. In collaboration with Timber Crew Products, it's our take on the traditional design. Crafted out of Japanese cypress (a wood that's naturally bacteria- and mildew-resistant) that's botanically dyed. Hand-built by Timber Crew artisans, its organic shape is contrasted by an iron butterfly joint in gunmetal.

Use this as a stool, a bath-side caddy, or bedside table for treasured objects.

DIMENSIONS: Approximately 30 cm (W) x 45 cm (H)× 35 cm(D)