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DAMDAM x Kei Condo

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¥80,000 ¥88,000


Ceramicist Kei Condo's perspective is that of a purist: taking decoration away, keeping his pottery as simple as possible. The result is stunning, as if natural driftwood was molded into a ceramic orb. Inspired by the warm golden colors of Bolivian mountains where he spent two years, the artist often finishes his pieces in an earthly turmeric color uniquely singular to his work.

For DAMDAM, Condo-san brings his harmonious style to create our Ikebana Vase. Its wide, shallow base allows you to arrange flowers as desired while supporting the the importance of 'silence,' or space not meant to be filled in the philosophy of Ikebana. Create a big lush bouquet or arrange a few flowers to drape elegantly on one side.

DIMENSIONS: 350mm (W) x 165mm (H) x 215mm (inner diameter)