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Perfume Oil

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Our custom-blended perfume oils are created with the philosophy that scents can purify and awaken the spirit, heal loneliness, and bring calm to turbulent times.. Specially crafted by Japanese perfume artisans for DAMDAM, these are made to trigger olfactory pleasures and help release mental burdens.

Jasmine reveals its sensual aroma under the light of the moon. Beloved for centuries and cultivated for its scent, it brings balance to the skin and the mind, promoting feelings of euphoria and peace. 

Jasmine’s meaning varies by place and culture, but it often symbolizes love, beauty or sensuality. In the Philippines, it is a symbol of honor and respect, woven into wreaths as offering. Because the small, delicate flowers bloom with such potency, it symbolizes purity in Japan. 

Let this be your own jasmine garden in a bottle - roll on pulse points, breathe in deeply. Recommended to aid in soothing monthly ailments during that moon cycle, this assists in clearing the mind and restoring feelings of positivity.