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Cue Woodworks

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Bathing is one of our most sacred personal ceremonies, a time to cleanse and heal the body as we take refuge from life's daily worries. Step into a dim Japanese ofuro and its enveloping scent of aromatic woods instantly shifts the mood, allowing one to sink deeply into a restful meditative state.

The Kusu Bath Soak is evocative of the Japanese bathing experience. It's made of wood chips from Kusu-noki or camphor trees majestic thousand-year-old evergreens that grow among the forests of southern Japan. In collaboration with CUE Woodworks, these bath soaks are collected by wood artisan Imada-san in the island of Amami. Wrapped in delicate fabric, it gently breaks in a bath to release the earthy time-honored ingredient, its spicy cooling scent a soothing treat for body and mind.

Since ancient times, Kusu has been used medicinally for its antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties, relieving the skin and calming aching muscles. Considered purifying and mystical, Kusu trees surround Japanese shrines, representing the dissolution of the ego since it burns without leaving any trace save for an otherworldly fragrance that comfort the senses with each breath.

SIZE: 9 pieces/ pack