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Warosoku Daiyo

¥0 ¥2,500 ¥2,750

Kuro (Black)
Shiro (White)
Beju (Natural)

These candles are meticulously crafted by hand from locally sourced, natural rice wax using traditional techniques perfected by Daiyo artisans. Unlike other waxes, rice wax does not drip nor does it produce smoke and soot, making it safe for indoor use. The wick is made of silk fibers wrapped in washi paper. Komenuka Meditation Candles are fragrance-free, created to inspire and further our connection with the self.  

Sustainable, vegan and earth friendly, the 40-minute burn time of each candle lets you carve a moment of quiet solitude for yourself. Use it as a timer for your daily meditation, yoga practice, or skincare and bathing rituals - 40 minutes of self-care. Retreat and connect with your breath as you stare into the flame or unwind and pamper in the warm glow of a candlelight as you soak in a bath.

In a gift box, they are paired with Warosoku Daiyo Cube Ceramic Stand. The master candle-makers at Daiyo have been handcrafting these stands to pair with rice wax candles for generations, adding the right touch in your space as you carve some time for quiet solitude within your day. 

In prayer, in conversation, in self reflection, the candle subtly changes its expression in response, in feather-like gentleness and ethereal warmth. The flame emanates an emotion not possible with electric lights in our daily lives. Warosoku Daiyo is a 104-year-old candlemaker in Japan, contemplating the innate power of a flame, and how we humans are connected to it. Daiyo makes candles of the highest quality in order to pass down the relationship between flame and humans in existence for generations.

BURN TIME: 40 minutes per candle

DIMENSIONS: Candle is 80mm (H), 20 pieces in set / Stand is 40mm x 40mm x 40mm, 1 piece in set.