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Ritual Duo


BENEFITS There's a name for plumped-up, velvety-smooth skin: mochi hada. It means rice-cake skin, a reference to the Japanese confectionery that are soft and plump. Inside a delicately crafted takekago (bamboo basket), Mochi Hada Ritual Duo contains the bestselling Magic Drops Balancing Oil Serum and Paradisi Mist Hydrating Essencea set created to achieve this skin goal. Both products contain different parts of Japanese rice, more glutinous than other varieties, giving it a rich moisture-laden texture that’s far from dry. Historically, women used the water left from washing rice to wash their own face as a type of skin essence that maintains the suppleness and smooth texture of skin. This set innovates on this tradition, building this ancestral ingredient into modern, powerful formulations.

INSIDE: Paradisi Mist Hydrating Essence (100ml) This hydrating essence treats tired skin, infused with natural ingredients that counteract fatigue and dispel dullness. It applies as a mist and settles into the skin as a deep-moisture essence without any stickiness. The perfect post-cleanse step, this can also be applied throughout the day to enliven make-up and bestow an instant glow. Within Japanese rice contains the naturally occurring AHA phytic acid. Considered an antioxidant, phytic acid can help fend off skin-aging free radicals, maintaining the skin's balanced state. Formulated together with cardamom, this essence is mood-boosting and skin-brightening. Ideal for those susceptible to dryness, dullness, and sensitivity.

Magic Drops Balancing Oil Serum (50ml) A hard-working face oil with a light, non-greasy texture delivering radiance-boosting actives to the skin. Komenukarice bran oil derived from the outer layer of riceimproves skin elasticity, shrinks pores, and evens out skin tone. Plant ingredients formulated around komenuka restore bounce to the skin as it works to counteract the damaging effects of stress. A few drops create a protective barrier between the skin and the elements such as dehydration brought by weather changes, central heating, and indoor air conditioning. Powerful yet lightweight, this is ideal for first forays into skincare or for amplifying an existing routine.  

RITUAL After cleansing, spray the Paradisi Mist onto a cotton pad and press into the skin. Alternatively, hold bottle about 10 inches away from face to enjoy a light mist. During the day: Apply 3-5 drops of the Magic Drops oil serum on cleansed skin. Wait for 3-10 minutes for the skin to absorb the product before applying makeup or sunscreen. At night, massage 3-5 drops onto the face. Use it as a deep-moisture leave-on mask as you sleep. Alternatively, you can customize your regime by adding a drop or 2 of Magic Drops into your favorite night cream to enhance potency.