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Ritual Duo

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¥11,000 ¥12,100


BENEFITS There's a name for plumped-up, glowing skin: mochi hada, a reference to the soft Japanese confectionery. This set contains the bestselling Magic Drops Balancing Oil Serum and Paradisi Mist Hydrating Essence formulated to achieve this skin goal. 

INSIDE: Paradisi Mist Hydrating Essence (100ml) This hydrating essence treats tired skin, counteracting fatigue and dispeling dullness. It applies as a mist and settles into the skin as a deep-moisture essence without any stickiness. The perfect post-cleanse step, this can also be applied throughout the day to enliven make-up and give an instant glow. It contains phytic acid to maintain skin's balanced state. 

Rice Drops Balancing Oil Serum (30ml) A hard-working face oil with a light, non-greasy texture delivering radiance to the skin. It contains Komenuka to improve skin elasticity, shrink pores, and even skin tone. A few drops create a protective barrier between the skin and the elements.  

RITUAL After cleansing, spray Paradisi Mist onto a cotton pad and press into the skin. Alternatively, hold bottle about 10 inches away from face to enjoy a light mist. During the day: Apply 3-5 drops of Rice Drops oil serum. At night, massage 3-5 drops onto the face. Use it as a deep-moisture leave-on mask as you sleep. Alternatively, you can customize your regime by adding a drop or 2 of Rice Drops into your favorite night cream to enhance potency.