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Miwa Neishi


Sculptural pot hand-built by Japanese-born New York-based artist Miwa Neishi. Inspired by the form of Japanese and Chinese kanji, the Moji pot is the artist's signature piece. Made using a variety of wild clays, this was fired and glazed to be functional as a vase for a single bud or displayed simply as a beautiful object.

"In this modern world of technology and mass-produced objects, I think many of us forget the history of our living with nature. Pottery has been part of people's lives since the prehistoric era all over the world, and that means most of our ancestral cultures have experienced working and living with clay. It's important to know how we used to create tools and objects by hand. It connects us to nature and reminds us of our original way of living. As an artist, I hope my objects will bring visions of reconnecting to the earth," says the artist about her work.

DIMENSIONS: Approximately 20.5cm (H) x 16cm (W)