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Factory Tour

Flanked by mountains behind Kamakura and an ocean in Shonan, Kanagawa Prefecture's bucolic views bely the fact that it is part of Greater Tokyo. Despite its proximity to the bustling city, an abundance of greenery provides welcome contast to Tokyo's urban landscape. Kanagawa is where we manufacture DAMDAM, inside a factory with over 100 years of skincare heritage in Japan. 


We have given careful consideration to who we work as production partners. Having our entire production in Kanagawa, easily accessible from where we live and work in Tokyo, allowed us to cultivate together a strong working relationship and collaborate in a more meaningful way over the years. Importantly, keeping our production local means minimizing our footprint and impact.  


Our makers have a deep commitment to Japanese craftsmanship and quality manufacturing conditions. They have received certifications of ISO9001 (Quality Management System), ISO14001 (Environmental Management System), and ECO-CERT (environmentally friendly and socially conscious practices). From formula to packaging, everything at DAMDAM is made in Japana phrase synonymous with a holistic approach of crafting products through processes repeated and refined across generations. 

私たちのメーカーは日本の職人技と高品質な製造法を持ち合わせています。 ISO9001(品質管理システム)、ISO14001(環境管理システム)、ECO-CERTの認証を取得しています。製法からパッケージングまで、DAMDAMはすべて日本で製造されています。ー世代を超えて繰り返され、洗練されたプロセスを通じて製品は作られている、ということを意味します。

The gentle hum of activity combined with bursts of farmland and makeshift gardens that surround the facilities and are tended to by members of the production team always bolster our good feelings and connection to nature — it's a little ecosystem within DAMDAM reflecting what we hope to bring into the world.


Read our ethos on sustainability here.

Photographed by Marta Rubio


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