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Free shipping in Japan on orders ¥8,000 and above ✺ 8,000円以上の購入で日本国内送料無料 Free shipping in Japan on orders ¥8,000 and above ✺ 8,000円以上の購入で日本国内送料無料
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Creating products that feel good to all


Knowing who and where our products are made

LOCAL. Traceability in our supply chain includes knowing who the people making our products are. As an independent brand that doesn’t own our supply chain, we have the responsibility to choose our partners well to drive change. We work with a lab and manufacturer that has over 100 years of skincare heritage in Japan. They craft our products in Kanagawa, a nearby prefecture from where we work and live, sourcing only natural ingredients for our products from certified and controlled sources. We meet regularly, allowing us to influence the production process in a significant way and create solutions that minimize our footprint.

CARE. As we do with ingredients, we give careful consideration to who we work with in order to have processes that are kind to each other and environment. Our entire production is based in Japan where makers are compensated well in a safe work environment under our manufacturer that has certifications of ISO9001 (Quality Management System), ISO14001 (Environmental Management System), and ECO-CERT (environmentally friendly and socially conscious practices).  

MADE IN JAPAN. We are dedicated to local producers. From formula to packaging, everything is made in Japan. It's a phrase synonymous with a holistic approach of crafting products through processes repeated and refined across generations. To us, this is not only beautiful but important culturally and shouldn't be left behind for a faster and more automated economy.



A cornerstone of our mission is to preserve inherited craft and support land rehabilitation

REGENERATIVE. We source our key ingredients from local farmers who practice regenerative farming, working to restore abandoned ancestral farmland. The Shiso we use are grown pesticide-free, with the residue from distillation repurposed as compost. We work closely with our suppliers to encourage genetic differences within species, ensuring crop diversification and land rehabilitation.

1% FOR THE PLANET. As members of 1% for the Planet, we donate 1% of all sales to local organizations in Japan championing land rehabilitation and renewable energy. We partner with More Trees, A Seed Japan, Yoro No Mori, Whole Earth Nature School, and Fukushima Renewable Future Fund.

COLLABORATIVE. We partner with artisans to develop skincare accessories using inherited craft in Japan. From incense to pottery, our artisanal offerings are made from circular production processes — no waste is generated, utilizing 100% sustainably harvested natural materials.



An intentionally curated line and a goal to eliminate plastics

MINIMAL. We release products in an intentional manner. Our product line is considered and curated, made up of only purposeful essentials formulated to work alone or in harmonious combination with each other, letting you discover the rhythm of your own skin. 

BIOMASS. All minis are made from biomass material – renewable and biodegradable plant sources. This uses less fossil fuels, has a smaller carbon footprint and faster decomposition. By the end of 2022, these will be in biomass packaging: Mochi Mochi Luminous Cream, Nomad’s Cream Purifying Cleanser, Skin Mud Pure Mask; with the rest following in 2023.

REDUCE. We have an ongoing CO2 annual reduction plan of 10% at our lab, a goal we have achieved since 2020. We continue to test and develop sustainable packaging solutions using paper and pulp-based materials with members of CLOMA, Japan Clean Ocean Material Alliance, an organization which aims to solve our marine plastic waste problem 

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