From the Founders

In 2019, we envisioned a beauty brand that married ancient Japanese philosophy with the exciting technological advancements of today. We're inspired by our life in Tokyo — itself a city of beautiful contradictions between old and new Japan.

We founded DAMDAM at this intersection. Our products are born of ancient rituals, developed with Japanese craftsmanship, and powered by the best of modern skin science.

DAMDAM is our open love letter to Japan. Welcome to beauty, the Japanese way.

- Giselle Go and Philippe Terrien

Rooted in Ritual


For as long as Japan has existed, its culture has hinged upon tradition and history. Everything from eating, speaking, moving, to how we take care of ourselves and others, is done with intention. Here, the very act of living is an art form.

DAMDAM is built on this principle. We’re inspired by ancient rituals practiced for generations — simple yet holistic, with which daily care adds up to a lifetime of impact. In today’s fast-paced world, we believe it’s more important than ever to make space for slow.

Made in Japan

"Made in Japan" embodies our commitment to the ecosystem of farmers, scientists, makers, and craftsmen who share our passion for precise, efficacious skincare.

Together, we perfect our products according to the exacting standards of Japanese safety, precision, and quality.

Our ethos

Learn about the guiding principles behind every DAMDAM product.

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