Advanced Formulation Technology

Three-Phase Emulsification

3PE is a revolutionary method which achieves microscopic emulsion of active ingredients at the nanoparticle level — impossible via conventional methods that require the addition of external surfactants. This Japanese technology is proven to be more stable, compatible with more particle types, and minimizes hydro waste.

Used to formulate our advanced serum Citrus Glow, this tech allows highly unstable substances like Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid to emulsify successfully in one stable formula, amplifying efficacy of both ingredients.

Japanese Vacuum-Press Technology

Vacuum-press technology is a method of bonding ingredients with two key benefits — it prevents oxidation and reduces hydro waste. Highly efficient and hygienic, it eliminates the need for additional ingredients which reduces efficacy.

The nutrient-dense formulation method is applied to the award-winning Snow Mushroom Salt Cleanser, effectively bonding the two power ingredients (silk salt and snow mushroom) into one solid-based cleanser.

Clinically Proven Ingredients

Uji Tea Extract 宇治茶

When skin is exposed to UV radiation from the sun, photo-aging occurs from exposure up to 7 hours later, causing damage to the skin.

Tea leaves harvested specifically from Japan’s Uji region possess unique Dual-Phase Oxidation Inhibitors, which counteract this damage. The hero at the heart of Matcha Boost Eye Serum, the dual-phased approach time-releases healthy antioxidants to block the pathway of both short- and long-term UV damage.

Shiso しそ

Among our core heritage ingredients, Shiso is a time-honored antioxidant with superior anti-inflammatory and barrier strengthening properties. Considered the richest plant source of Omega-3 fatty acids – boasting 3-4x more than chia or flaxseed – its usages in Eastern medicine and skincare date back to 500 AD.

Found in Mochi Mochi Luminous Cream and our hair and body collection (Classic Shampoo, Classic Conditioner, Body Wash), Shiso’s essential fatty acids are known to provide barrier strength while antioxidants help protect damaged cells and stimulate collagen production.

Phytic Acid

Japanese skincare centers around rice, where no part of a grain goes wasted. Alongside rice bran oil, long renowned for its powerful hydration properties, rice-derived AHA (a water-soluble ingredient that works on the skin’s surface) Phytic Acid is one of our own better-kept secrets.

This dermatologist-approved AHA renews skin so gently that it’s suitable for sensitive skin — working to improve smoothness and radiance without the harshness of other AHAs.

This gives Phytic Acid a unique advantage, capable of delivering in various applications: a hero exfoliator in Nomad’s Cream Purifying Cleanser, deeply moisturizing in Mochi Mochi Luminous Cream, and revitalizing inside Paradisi Mist Hydrating Essence.

Proprietary Accessories

Cloud Glove

The Cloud Glove is engineered with naturally derived fibers, developed using lactic acid fermentation of corn starch. The resulting fibers are antibacterial and sensitive-safe, due to its acidity level similar to our bare skin. 

When used with Snow Mushroom Salt Cleanser, the glove’s silky, waffle-pile weave helps gently dislodge excess sebum and dirt without abrasion.

This is 100% compostable, created for DAMDAM with the collaboration of Japan's Clean Ocean Material Alliance (CLOMA).

Self-Sealing Packaging

Our products come boxed in our self-sealing packaging, one method through which we reduce the use of extraneous packaging. In lieu of sealing the products in plastic and stickers to mark safety while in transit, our proprietary packaging is designed to self-seal. It prevents products to be opened or tampered with, guaranteeing freshness once it reaches your hands.

Our story

Clean skincare born from Japanese craftsmanship and time-honored plant ingredients.

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