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Salt Cleanser

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¥4,500 ¥4,950


The newest addition to the Cleansing Ritual, this is a zero-waste cleansing disc combining deeply hydrating Snow Mushroom and detoxifying Salt. Use in tandem with the innovative plant-based Cloud Glove, this cleansing disc will lather up in no time with the smallest amount of water. This cleanser goes a long way, lasting up to 3 months with daily use on face and body.

Everything in this cleanser is compostable, from the box packaging down to the individual fibers of Cloud Glove.

BENEFITS Snow Mushroom Salt Cleanser is a daily wash that removes pulls out impurities and excess oil. With the simplest botanical ingredients, it helps skin cope with environmental stressors leaving behind a satin-smooth finish.

HERITAGE INGREDIENTS  Snow Mushroom is a staple ingredient in Asian medicine and skincare for thousands of years. It is long known for its collagen-like properties that allow it to penetrate the skin easily and hydrate from within. Salt is rich in trace minerals, magnesium, and electrolytes to promote a healthy pH balance, drawing out impurities while promoting nutrient absorption.

Cloud Glove is made from 100% plant fibers, containing natural antibacterial properties. When applied on skin, it removes excess sebum and cleans the skin without losing moisture. Recommended for sensitive skin because of its gentle pile.

RITUAL Insert the cleanser inside the Cloud Glove. Add a few drops of water and gently work until it lathers. Apply on dry or damp skin, avoiding the eye area. Massage for sixty seconds. Rinse thoroughly and pat skin dry.