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DAMDAM means emotion, inner perception, conscious awareness

DAMDAM is clean skincare born from Japanese craftsmanship and time-honored plant ingredients. We believe in creating thoroughly modern, thoughtfully made products that cultivate a connection between ourselves and the natural world. The line is minimal, made up of purposeful essentials formulated to work alone or in harmonious combination with each other. All products are made with 100% natural ingredients that have high efficacy without causing irritation. Equally important, they feel weightless on skin.

Living in a country with a deeply reverential skincare culture, we are dedicated to using ancestral ingredients and Japanese production, supporting local culture and craftsmen. From formula to packaging, DAMDAM is made in Japan. We produce with a local maker that has over 100 years of skincare legacy. "Made in Japan" is synonymous with a holistic approach of crafting products through processes refined and perfected across centuries. To us, this is not only beautiful but important—honoring ancient craft in a sustainable, modern way.

DAMDAM⁠—a word referring to emotion, intuitive feeling or conscious awareness⁠—is grounded in the idea of Slow Beauty. Embracing heritage ingredients and daily rituals, our products elevate daily life and nurture our connection with self, environment, and each other. 

- Giselle Go and Philippe Terrien, co-founders 

創業者 ジゼル・ゴー&フィリップ・テリアン