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DAMDAM is a word that means emotion, inner perception, conscious awareness

Some decades ago in Japan, the Slow Life movement was adopted by Iwate Prefecture as a response to the rapid industrialization that made this country an economic power but impacted environment and community. Who doesn’t feel fragmented in today’s world? We are in a state of perpetual distraction, forgetting to be fully present in the moment. Slow Life reminds us to live in harmony with nature and the seasons, preserve available resources, and age gracefully. Slow House is building with sustainable materials, Slow Pace is walking more and reducing our carbon footprint, Slow Food is enjoying local seasonal ingredients, and Slow Education is valuing art over achievement. 

DAMDAM⁠—a word referring to intuitive feeling, inner perception or conscious awareness⁠—is grounded in the idea of Slow Beauty, the antithesis of artificial quick fixes and invasive options which only have us fighting against nature and time. 

Working in the fashion industry grew within us a desire to slow down and reconnect with nature through plant remedies and inherited craft. We want to create thoroughly modern yet thoughtfully made products that cultivate a connection between ourselves and nature. After two years of developing our products, we launched DAMDAM⁠—powerful skincare using ancestral ingredients and meticulous Japanese craftsmanship⁠—in spring 2018 in Tokyo. 

Japan is a country with a reverential bathing and skincare culture rooted in tradition. We are dedicated to Japanese production, supporting local culture and craftsmen. From formula to packaging, DAMDAM is made in Japan. We produce with a local maker that has over 100 years of skincare legacy. We release products in an intentional manner. "Made in Japan" is synonymous with a holistic approach of crafting products through processes repeated and refined across centuries. To us, this is not only beautiful but important culturally and shouldn't be left behind for a faster and more automated economy.

Our product line is minimal, made up of only purposeful essentials formulated to work alone or in harmonious combination with each other to allow you discover the rhythm of your own skin. All our products are made with 100% natural ingredients that have high efficacy without causing irritation. Equally important, they feel weightless on skin.

We have a mission to be responsible and thoughtful about what we create. We dream of an economy that values quality, culture, and processes founded on taking care of each other. We created DAMDAM to be what we believe Slow Beauty is - embracing heritage ingredients and working with local makers who use techniques perfected over time. We will continue to evolve and remain open to adopting new discoveries, especially if better and kinder production options arise. It's a vision that feels more relevant than ever, reframing our ideas and creating a dialogue about what true beauty means today.

- Giselle Go and Philippe Terrien, co-founders 

創業者 ジゼル・ゴー&フィリップ・テリアン