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Soy Candle

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¥4,000 ¥4,400


This candle is made from soy wax and our own blend of natural oils with the grounding, woodsy fragrance of Hiba at its center. Hiba is part of the cypress family native to Japan and is considered one of the most beautiful Japanese trees. It is revered for its aromatic scent and its strength which has been used to build sacred monuments for hundreds of years.

The candlewax we use is derived from soybeans, a gentle alternative to paraffin. By contrast, paraffin wax (commonly used in candle-making because it is inexpensive) is derived from non-renewable resources such as petroleum or coal.

Soy wax is gentle to humans: It burns slower, lasts longer, and burns evenly, emitting almost no black soot. It enhances the scent of Hiba without chemical amplifiers, ensuring a well-balanced, true-to-scent candle.

Light this candle and let it transport you into a deep forest of Japanese cypress, creating space for a calmer mind, a softened heart, and released tension.