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Balancing Oil Serum



Magic Drops Balancing Oil Serum provides intense hydration with a transformative cocktail of botanical oils that regenerate, renew, and indulge. It has a rich yet lightweight texture that doesn’t weigh down skin, penetrating deep under the surface to deliver nourishment without clogging pores. Soothing on various skin types, especially beneficial to delicate skin.

BENEFITS Loading your pores with too much product isn't the appropriate way to maintain a good level of moisture to your skin. Magic Drops Balancing Oil Serum is "magic" because of its weightlessness - a rich formulation that effortlessly seeps into the surface of the skin without clogging pores, leaving a dewiness to skin throughout the day. 

HERITAGE INGREDIENT Since 1100 AD, komenuka or rice bran oil has been a skincare staple in Japan because of its potent water-retaining abilities. Komenuka, the key ingredient in Magic Drops, is derived from Japanese rice, more glutinous than other varieties which give it a rich moisture-laden texture. It boosts skin elasticity and softens skin.

RITUAL Gently massage 3-5 drops on freshly cleansed, slightly damp skin, morning and night.  To boost your existing routine, infuse 1-2 drops into your favorite face cream or makeup base. As a restorative mask, leave on overnight as you sleep to wake with newly softened skin. Layer with the Paradisi Mist Hydrating Essence during extremely dry seasons.

This oil serum is formulated to sit well under makeup to form a defense barrier, as with geishas and kabuki actors who would create full-fledged barriers between skin and their stage makeup. Creates a similar layer with Magic Drops to help makeup stay on and look flawless while keeping it out of your pores.