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Lip & Skin Balm

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Renewed as an all-vegan formula in a matte glass jar for better grip, Little Wonder Lip & Skin Balm is a multi-tasker. From mending chapped lips to soothing dry and irritated patches of skin, it provides nourishing relief to even the most delicate and troubled skin conditions. We love using it as the last step in our evening skincare ritual, after moisturizer, to seal hydration in overnight.

BENEFITS A repairing formula for dry skin, giving it extra protection as it recovers. Use this to treat and soothe skin from weather-chapping conditions or as an aid to relieve sunburn. The whipped-butter texture melts on touch and is easily absorbed by the skin with a matte-glass finish. A discreet scent of lavender can ease feelings of emotional anxiety.

HERITAGE INGREDIENT A key ingredient in Little Wonder is sesame oil, a staple in Japanese households because of its medicinal use and high content of polyunsaturated healthy fatty acids. 

RITUAL Soothe lips, nourish nail beds and cuticles, tame hair strands. Use it for "slugging," the last step in your PM ritual, to go on top of your moisturizer as a hydration sealant. It can also be used as a highlighter, giving cheekbones a natural matte-glass sheen, or as a lipstick base to help product glide on smoothly.